Shadows of the Tower

The city of Kowal has reigned over its own barren lands in the East since the end of the Great War. Ruled by the Zadeku family for years beyond memory, the city has been content with its own business for hundreds of years.

The Wanderer’s Hall

A squat ramshackle building sat at the corner of two narrow streets. Above the crooked door sat a round sign with a path receding into a sunset. The door opens with a groan, the warm light from inside falling onto the uneven cobblestones outside.

“Hurry inside son, its cold out there.” A thin man is draped over a large cushioned chair in front of the fireplace. A glass of wine sits in his hand, and he stares at you with one bright blue eye. The other eye is covered in a jeweled patch. He smiles, his white teeth dazzling. “Looking for work? Think life is too long so you want to go adventure? Well sign the entry book if you can write, and pull up a seat.

Shadows of the Tower Adventures

Shadows of the Tower is a “living” city for the Sagaborn Roleplaying Game based in the World of Uteria. Adventurers roleplay¬†and their actions within the Kowal region effect the city, people and lands.

You join the Wanderers, a guild of adventurers that stretches across Uteria. You can raise in ranks, meet other Wanderers, and go on to create your own Saga.